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Every well-functioning mold began with a well-engineered mold design. Chennuo's design team works very closely with our customers' engineers to build a custom mold that functions well in its environment with as large of a process window as possible.

Types of specialty injection molds we can create include:

  • Hot Runner Molds - shoots material directly into individual cavities; eliminates the runner for reduced material cost and less handling
  • Cold Runner Molds - injects material into a runner system that redirects it into individual cavities; lower initial start-up cost than Hot Runner
  • Insert Mold (also known as Encapsulation Mold) an ?over-mold? to mold plastic around other materials, such as brass, steel, aluminum, or even other plastic inserts, such as sleeves for drill housings, latches, and screen mesh buffer tubes
  • 2-Shot Molds (also 1-Shot, 3-Shot and 4-Shot Molds) - a cost-effective way to produce parts with 2 or more colors molded at the same time; eliminates a secondary process to add logos, graphics or text.
  • Stack Molds ? high production molds for multiple parting lines; can produce multiple types of parts more economically over a large production run
  • Unscrewing Molds ? to produce parts with internal or external threads, such as nuts, nut augers, sprinkler heads


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