Crate Mould

Crate Mould

Chennuo Mould can provide customers with the best price and fastest plastic crate. At the same time, We can also provide customers with the fastest production cycle, the best product quality, and the most profitable plastic crate mould.

In order to achieve the best cooling effect, we will carry out the mould flow analysis in combination with the customer's materials, find out the reasonable gate location, and improve the exhaust and crate mould structure. In the products with larger products and higher heights, we will recommend the use of beryllium bronze as the core steel material of the crate mould. This will enable the product to be completed with the shortest filling cycle and the fastest cooling method during injection moulding.

Product name        : 800*600*220 crate mould

Weight                 :4.7Kg

Shrinkage              : 1.65%

Material                 : PP

Mould  size            : 1500*1300*995

Recycle time          :100s

The type of injection machine  : HT1200

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