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International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber in Duesseldorf, Germany.
BoothNo.: Hall 08b/H59-4
Date: October.27th-November.3th 2010

CHEN NUO MOULD CO.,LTD.is Located in Zhejiang Huangyan, Which enjoys the mame of "the mould home town of China",Our Compay maily design and manufacture Plastic moulds of house hold appliances.

CN-mold is promises for best mould.

Equipment Mould Design Case Study
Well-koown precision NC machines will be widely used in every step of mold manufacturing go redce the invovement of hand-wording ensure the speed and precision,and shorten the time of products and molds. CHENG NUO MOULD offers design and engineering assistance to all customers that might benefit from our experience. Our project management can join your product development programs at any point, which can augment your in-house personnel and accelerate parts production. During our many years in the manufacturing sector, we have served all types of customers, from the major auto manufacturers to small start-up companies that operate out of a home garage....
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