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Dustbin mould

How to produce dustbin? Among the entire dustbin moulding line, the most important is the dustbin mould, which determines the structure, shape and smoothness of the dustbin. Secondly...
The production of plastic pallet is inseparable from plastic pallet mould. At present, most companies use plastic injection moulding or blow moulding to produce plastic pallet. Plastic pallets produced by injection moulding are low in price but high in precision and good in quality.
Crates, also known as turnover boxes, can be made of woods, plastics, metals or other materials, typically used to transport or store large, heavy items. Crates are widely used in machinery, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries.
Dustbin, also known as trash can or garbage bin, is made primarily of metal or plastic, but more and more people choose plastic dustbins in recent years. What are the advantages of plastic dustbins?
What is the plastic mould molding process? Depending on the moulding process of the plastic mould, they can be divided into the following categories: Injection mold, Compression mold, Extrusion die...
As a Chinese plastic chair mould manufacturer, Chennuo Mould produce many plastic chair moulds, such as rattan plastic chair mould, outdoor plastic chair mould, and foldable chair mould. In addition, Chennuo produce gas-assisted chair mould.
Automotive mould is used to produce automotive part, also known as automotive parts mould. In accordance with different auto part, automotive mould can be divided into automotive bumper mould, automotive seat mould, automotive door mirror mould...

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Dustbin Mould

ChenNuo Mould has making kinds of dustbin mould in different size and offer different quotations according to customer's requirement. If you want do dustbin mould, you can send the particular data and the pictures about the mould to us, so that we can quote you the best price.

Dustbin Mould - 01
Dustbin Mould - 01
Dustbin Mould - 04
Dustbin Mould - 04
Dustbin Mould - 02
Dustbin Mould - 02
Dustbin Mould - 03
Dustbin Mould - 03

Crate Mould

ChenNuo Mould is a professional plastic crate supplier and crate mould manufacturer in china, who has supplied more than 2,600 crates and crate moulds for our customers. Our plastic crate moulds include beer crate mould, fruit crate mould, bread crate mould, and collapsible crate mould....

Crate Mould - 01

Crate Mould - 04

Crate Mould - 05

Crate Mould - 06

Pallet Mould

ChenNuo is a professional Chinese plastic pallet supplier and pallet mould manufacturer. our pallet moulds include foldable pallet moulds, recyclable pallet moulds... Which have been sold in more than 50 countries. Cn-mold also have customized pallet production lines for more than 200 customers,

Pallet Mould - 01

Pallet Mould - 04

Pallet Mould - 05

Pallet Mould - 06

Big Box Mould

ChenNuo Mould is a professional mould maker for Big box Mould. A folding box includes side, bottom top , cover and foot. Cn-mold can make all series of the big box mould for you.

Big Box Mould - 01

Big Box Mould - 04

Big Box Mould - 05

Big Box Mould - 06

Automotive Mould

ChenNuo Mould is a professional plastic mould maker for automotive Mould, Who have making automotive mould in different kinds. Such as Door Mirror, Mud Guard, Car lamp and so on. Cn-mold pride ourselves on quality. That is our best selling point.

Automotive Mould - 01

Automotive Mould - 04

Automotive Mould - 05

Automotive Mould - 06

Plastic Chair Mould

ChenNuo is a professional plastic chair mould maker in China, who produce various types of plastic chair moulds​, including rattan plastic chair mould, outdoor chair mould, PC chair mould... Our services include prototyping, tooling, sampling, pilot run, mass production and assembly.

Chair Mould - 01

Chair Mould - 04

Chair Mould - 05

Chair Mould - 06